Yahoo! Behavioral Targeting (BT) enables advertisers to target consumers with expressed interest in a category or specific product. Yahoo! BT goes beyond the more common rules-based segmentation or clustering of users by sites visited.

Our solution is powered by sophisticated modeling technology based on extensive online interactions that include searches, page-views and ad interactions. With these models, Yahoo! identifies what consumers are interested in and predicts where they sit in the Awareness-Consideration-Purchase funnel. We use proprietary techniques to aggregate these large-scale audiences that enable our marketing partners to deliver relevant messages to granular segmented audiences.

Today we reflect these audiences in two levels:

In both cases, these are consumers who are interested in what you are selling and are trying to find a way to make a decision to convert.

Yahoo! has over 450 different categories of user interests in a number of primary areas of focus, including:
  • Automotive

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Entertainment

  • Finance

  • Lifestages

  • Pharma/Health Care

  • Retail

  • Small Business and B2B

  • Sports

  • Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Travel

Reach Large, Qualified Audiences with Focused Messages with a Total Targeting Solution: Yahoo! Targeting solutions, including Behavioral Targeting, Demographic Targeting, Geographic Targeting, and other targeting options, can be combined to help you reach massive audiences with very focused messages to achieve your marketing objectives.

Click here to see a presentation on how behavioral targeting can work for you.

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